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Banks Gone Wild!

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Fox New Business is reporting that Wells Fargo is suing itself.

In a condo foreclosure case in Florida, Wells Fargo holds the first mortgage and is suing all other lien holder, one of which is itself, the holder of the second mortgage.

Demonstrating that there is no such thing as “Too big to FAIL“, Wells Fargo hired Tampa lawfirm Florida Default Group of Tampa Florida to file suit against itself. WF then hired Kass, Shuler, Soloman, Spector, Foyle & Singer to defend itself from itself.

At this point, no matter the outcome, it seems as if the lawywers are the only winners in this case.

In our new home.

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Please pardon me as I settle the blog into it’s new home. I will be updating MUCH more frequently now. The old URL will continue to function indefinitely but our new URL is

Update: Ok apparently WordPress didn’t import my post from blogger very cleanly so I’m going to have to go back and update all the formatting on them. They didn’t look like that originally…. promise.