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Who said globalism isn’t great? The San Francisco bay bridge rebuild project was off shored to China, a country known (we need a sarcasm font) for it’s high quality building practices. The bridge is arriving in pieces aboard specially built ships, 15 months late due to poorly translated plans, low grade steel and prison labor… Read Article →

For those three of you who haven’t heard, Toyota has issued a massive recall over a possible sudden acceleration issue that infects the top eight selling models in their lineup. This has started the tongue and keyboards wagging in the automotive press with some rather interesting commentary. Jake Fisher, and automotive engineer at Consumer Reports… Read Article →

Ford Motor Company, the only American auto manufacturer to not go through the pain of bankruptcy and government loans, posted a net profit for 2009 of $2.7 billion. “We’re going to be profitable in 2010,” said CFO Lewis Booth, issuing the automaker’s first forecast for the year. Three months ago, Ford changed its 2011 outlook… Read Article →

Rush Limbaugh says there is nothing wrong with his heart. Attempts at locating, however, have failed.

General Motors posted a huge jump in it’s sales in China, up 66.9%, increasing it’s China market share to 13.4%. Domestic sales by Shanghai GM rose 63.3 percent to 727,620 units in 2009.  The passenger car joint venture was once again led by its original brand, Buick, which experienced sales growth of 59.6 percent year… Read Article →

We’re in this mess because for the past 30 years we’ve gone to China to finance loans on our Japanese cars used to haul home Korean made products that you have to call India to get tech support for. – Me

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