Monthly Archives: October 2010

Basically, his theory boils down to this: We’re speeding towards a brick wall. We can see the brick wall even though there are people in the back seat telling us there is no brick wall. He proposes that we continue at current course and speed to maximize fuel efficiency and then when we reach the brick wall, if it’s there, we’ll magically wish it away and speed right on through.

Why is threatening to violently overthrow the government not federal offense if one is a Republican?

Over on my other site, I was having a conversation about the coming oil bust and our need to push now to find an alternative to oil as our primary fuel for transportation. My jaw dropped with this response:

A lot of Democrats are very worried about the upcoming election on November 2nd. They should be. A good many of them stand to lose their job. I, however, am not that worried. I think this country really needs the good shellacking the Democrats are about to get. Here’s why:

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