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Further reading into the President’s new and improved HARP program to help troubled, underwater homeowners refinance into lower interest rate mortgages that we touched on yesterday reveals even more gooder goodness for the banks and further proof that this is a bank bailout and not a stimulus.

  Perry unveiled his optional 20% flat tax, which keeps the mortgage and charity deductions (thus not flat), and I’m not sure I can even comment on it with a straight face. The idea of selecting a 20% “flat” tax or use the old 60,000 page tax system is actually more absurd than Cain’s 9-9-9… Read Article →

Obama reveals a series of rule changes to help underwater homeowners……This is a terrible terrible idea. It’s being promoted as a stimulus when it is really another bank bailout

Tax Discussion – If a person whose income consists only of wages makes $100,000, she will pay $7,650 in payroll taxes, plus $21,617 in income tax – a total tax burden of 30%. A man with the same income in qualified dividends pays zero.

Despite a massive third quarter loss of $428 million in the third quarter, Goldman Sachs has already set aside $10 billion for salaries and bonuses in 2011

What’s your Christmas bonus going to look like….. a basket of fruit right?

The people of Occupy Wall Street aren’t against the rich for being rich. They are against the rich for how they got rich. Most of the rich are as rich as they are today because they fired as many Americans as possible and moved the jobs over seas? I want the rich to bring back jobs to the U.S. so people can WORK and EARN a fair living.

Wages for the average American male peaked in 1973. The median inflation-adjusted household income hasn’t changed in over 30 years. The top 1 percent of U.S. households gobble up about a quarter of all income. The first person to suggest that this is due to women entering the work force gets poked with a sharp stick that was Made in China.

Wanting to be part of the middle class with a good job and stable home is not some Marxist plot. The rich have tried to erase the middle class for their own gain. OWS is a response to that.

Safety Regulations are bad m’kay.  Sen. Rand Paul (lunatic – KY) is opposing safety regulation proposals intended to address the gas line safety issues surrounding a natural gas pipeline in San Bruno last year that destroyed a neighborhood and killed eight people. The Senate bill requires installation of automatic or remote-control shut-off valves on new… Read Article →

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